CTI offers a wide variety of services to fit all kinds of needs:

- Design & Development
- Fabrication
- Curtain Wall Supply & Installation
- Powder Coating
- Architectural Glass Processing

All of which supports our products:

- Diversified Aluminium Curtain Walls
- Aluminium Doors & Windows
- Metal & Stone Claddings
- Steel Structures & Architectural Metals
- Tempered & Heat-Strengthened Glass
- Laminated Glass
- Insulated Glass Units
- Heat Soak Test Glass
- Metal Coating Products

Technical adviser

During the design phase, we advise architects and clients in developing the most optimal solutions to support the aesthetic, concept, and budget requirements.


The CTI Design & Development team of expert architects and engineers offers a wide variety of custom design solutions to pick-and-choose from depending on your needs.


To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of every project, CTI deploys teams of highly-skilled and qualified team members to project sites. These teams include Project Managers, Installation Managers, Site Engineers, Surveyors, QA/QC Engineers as well as Skilled Installers.


Our team of top engineers utilizes professional CAD 3D modeling and technical equipment to bring your concepts and ideas to life through 3D visualizations.


Our prestigious production facility has a total area of 90.000m2; which allows us to fabricate and supply our product range efficiently and in the best possible environment. Machining, assembling, glazing, inspection, and final product delivery are all done from CTI's top-grade facility. With our facility and equipment, we have the capacity to produce 32.000m2 of facade on a monthly basis.


Producing the full range of products in-house allows us to save time while simultaneously increasing the quality of projects. CTI is on top of every step of the manufacturing and installation process to ensure that all operations are running smoothly, efficiently, and to the very best quality and standards.


CTI's team of expert QA/QC, project managers, architects, and engineers are equipped with the knowledge and skill to assist in reviewing project specifications for laboratory and field testing requirements. As facade specialists, our experts see to it that every requirement is safely and thoroughly covered.


CTI utilizes only the most advanced planning and management tools when it comes to executing projects. These tools in combination with our highly-skilled team allows for the full control of quality, time, and cost to lead the project to success.


With an equipped, private coating plant of 8660 sqm, CTI is able to directly provide a variety of aluminium and metal coatings. Our facility offers SDF Powder Coating, Polyester Powder Coating, and more. Using automatic spray guns mounted on a conveyor line, we provide the most thorough and high-quality coating solutions at a capacity of 182 tons per month.